1. What are avatars?

Avatars are AI-generated images of you in various styles. You upload your selfies and photos taken in various backgrounds and clothing and our AI software generates these styles for you.

2. How does avatar generation work?

We use AI neural networks to do this. Specifically, we use a process called Dreambooth training to generate a custom Stable Diffusion model for you and then generate avatars from that model.

3. How long does it take for avatars to be generated?

It usually takes about 30 minutes. This time is spent building an AI model just for you and then generating beautiful images from that model.

4. Can I save or export the generated images?

Yes, each generated image can be saved to the photo album. Additionally, the entire generated collection can be saved to your device outside the app.

5. Why do I need to pay for this service?

Creating custom avatars with your photos takes processing power on our servers (including use of GPUs), which we need to pay for. That being said, what we charge is quite reasonable for the amazing avatars that you get.

6. Do you keep my photos forever?

We delete your uploaded photos within 24 hours of generating avatars. The generated avatars are kept on our servers for 30 days for the convenience of your download. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

7. What else or who else has access to my photos?

We use the uploaded photos only for avatar generation and nothing else. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

8. Some of the photos are not as good as the rest of them. Why is that?

This is due to the nature of the process described above. There is an inherent variation in the process that we cannot fully control. On the other hand, that variation also gives you new avatar photos each time you generate new ones (even with the same uploaded photos!)

9. Will I get the same avatars each time I upload my images?

Due to the variation in the avatar generation process, you can expect to see different images within each style everytime you request another generation.

10. Will I retain my generated images if I delete the app?

The generated images are downloaded to your device after being generated. So, if the app is deleted, the generated photos are also deleted unfortunately. That being said, once generated, the images can be saved to the photo album and also exported to your device.

11. Why do you need to know my gender?

We use that information to influence the avatar generation process and to provide relevant styles for you. Please see the Privacy Policy for more details.

12. How do I get in touch with you?

Please reach us at feedback@centroidlabs.com